How To Achieve A Maximum Price Selling Your Home

Tony Buckwell
January 1, 2017

I have looked back at the numerous times I’ve seen properties sit on the market for months (sometimes years) and/or have sold for less than they should have. Let's explore what you can do to get the best result on your home sale.

If you want to know how to do something well, you should look at how people are doing it poorly, and then do the opposite!I have looked back at the numerous times I’ve seen properties sit on the market for months (sometimes years) and/or have sold for less than they should have.A bit of 'digging' usually reveals that the sellers were guilty of one or more of the following:

  1. Overpricing their home.
  2. Appointing the wrong agent, or choosing a good agent but failing to follow their advice (or even worse,
  3. trying to sell the property themselves).
  4. Choosing the wrong selling method, e.g. general agency, tender, auction, etc.
  5. Not having a decent marketing plan or, if they did, failing to stick to it.
  6. Presenting their homes poorly.

Based on these mistakes, I have identified the keys to a successful sale, and they all start with the letter “P”. If you work in sales you may be familiar with them, as they apply to selling any sort of product or service:Here are My "Five P's to Real-Estate Sales Success":

  1. Price – your property must be priced correctly, or have a realistic price expectation in the case of a no-price marketing system.
  2. People – you must choose a skilled salesperson whom you can work with.
  3. Place – you must place your product (your home) in front of your prospects using the most effective method, e.g. by auction, fixed price or sole agency.
  4. Promotion – you must invest in your marketing.
  5. Product Presentation – your home must be presented in the best possible condition.

If you address these five key points, there’s a good chance you’ll meet or exceed your price expectations.I was privileged to represent a home very recently where the owners got the 5th ingredient to success 100% right.You can view a short video I made at their home here.Obviously, this has been a very quick 'skim over the top' of the subject. I am always open to you contacting me if you would like to have a chat about this topic in more depth.

Want to ask about this article or anything real estate? I’m always open to a no-obligation chat. You can contact me here.

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