Tony's Team

I'm proud to be supported by two fellow real estate sales professionals who help me get the best results for my clients. Learn about Alex and Vanessa here...

Alex de Roode

Alex joined my team in 2018. Being a few years younger than me (well – maybe more than just a few years), his vitality & fresh approach to property marketing was infectious. Many professionals in their 20’s have an intuitive understanding of digital technology and the world of social media, and Alex is one of them. Unlike some from Generation Y though, Alex is not reliant on a device or a social media platform to cultivate strong professional relationships. In fact, one of the most common pieces of feedback I receive from customers & clients who have interacted with Alex is what an engaging and charismatic person he is to work with. So for the best combination of understanding the modern digital world, whilst still valuing the worth of building relationships based on 'old school' interpersonal skills, you won't be disappointed when you meet Alex.

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Vanessa Xu

One of the most active groups in the Auckland residential real estate scene for many years now has been our growing Chinese community who have decided to make NZ their home. Not being fluent in Mandarin, I often felt that I wasn’t able to support these buyers/sellers as well as I would like to have, particularly the more senior generation for whom English was a challenge. Having Vanessa join my team in 2020 has been a huge step forward. Not only is she able to support our Chinese clients and customers professionally, her warm and genuine nature has been well received by everyone she has worked with since her arrival.

With a Post Graduate degree in Telecommunications and her extensive experience in the IT sector, she also brings a skill set and knowledge that can only benefit her clients.

As a wife and mother, Vanessa understands the stresses of running a home and supporting family whilst also trying to market that property for sale. She is a friendly and engaging person who has been a wonderful addition to my team and who has already formed strong working relationships with loyal clients.  

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